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Yoga and Meditation Training Course in the Desert


The desert is a special space to experience yourself, in the comforting sound of silence and to sleep under the stars in the embrace of Nature,…the desert is a calm, peaceful and quiet space, ideal for practicing Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation…
Yoga Desert Camp
Our Desert Camp is the perfect setting to practice your yoga and to take time for yourself, nourishing your body, your heart and your soul. Energise your Yoga practice in the sunset and sunrise among the desert dunes.
The nomad tents of our camp are located at the foot of the dunes and are equipped for 2 – 4 people. Beds and bedding are provided.
The tents, with thick carpets covering the floor, are stable and solid thanks to their wooden structure.
There is also a large dining tent and a fire pit.
Yoga Camel trek
The camel trek is a unique dynamic and meditative journey. We will walk in silence for 3-4 hours, following the camels that carry our luggage.
The rhythm of the camel’s hoofsteps on the desert sand connects you to the Earth. Sleeping under the immense canopy of stars connects you to the universe. This is the ultimate Yoga experience.


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