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Chegaga Desert Expedition , 6days/5night

Day 1: Mhamid – Oued Naam

Chegaga Desert Expedition : We start our trip riding the camels heading towards the big dunes of Erg Chegaga to discover the wonderful big desert. After about 3 hours riding we stop for a lunch break under a shadowy tree, enjoy a tea and relax. We then continue our riding and trekking for another 3 hours until we reach a dry river (Oued Naam),where we will set our camp, have dinner and spend the night in a tent or under the starlit sky.

Day 2: Oued Naam – Lotide

In the morning, our trip continues in the midst of the desert. We will cross a large part of the desert for about 3 hours before we stop somewhere for lunch. After our meal, we continue our exploration and enjoy the fabulous desert landscape. After another about 3 hours ride, we will set our camp in the wonderful dune area of Lotide. Here we will have dinner and spend the night under the starlit sky or in tents.

Day 3: Lotide – Erg Chegaga

Enjoy the sunrise and morning breakfast before we carry on with our trekking towards the big dunes of Erg Chegaga. Lunch and a cup of tea are offered in the Sacred Oasis before we reach the dunes. In this oasis, you will find palm trees and a source of water running the whole year that is used by nomads for personal use and for their herds.

After another 15 km of riding, we arrive to the big dunes of Erg Chegaga, reaching a height of 300 m and a span of 40 km. Here you can admire the sunset and experience a different world, one made of calmness and tranquility. You will enjoy dinner accompanied by local entertainment and spend the night in Berber tents at a bivouac.

Day 4: Erg Chegaga – Bougarn Dunes

In the morning we take the route back to the desert door (M’hamid). After about 3 hours riding, we take a lunch break under a shadowy tree and continue our exploration to arrive at the dunes of Bougarn for the night.

Day 5: Bougarn Dunes – Mezouaria Dunes

Wake up early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise and breakfast served in a Moroccan way. We then continue our trip discovering more of the desert dunes and stones before stopping for lunch and enjoying a cup of mint tea. Afterwards, we continue our trekking and riding towards the dunes of Mezouaria, where we will spend the night either in the tent or in the open air under the starlit sky.

Day 6: Mezouria Dunes – Mhamid

On the morning of the sixth day, we continue our ride towards the hotel in M’hamid, where lunch together will mark the end of this exceptional tour.

Chegaga Desert Expedition

  • Departure: 8:00 h from M’hamid
  • Arrival: 10:30 h 6th day
  • Accommodation: 5 night bivouac
  • Minimum number of participants 2 person.


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